Charter Trips in St. Augustine, FL

Many people book fishing charter trips because of their versatility. A fishing trip can suit so many purposes that you can fit one into just about any agenda. These are some of the most common purposes for fishing charter trips. Contact us if you need to arrange any of these types of meetings in St. Augustine, FL, or the surrounding areas:

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and bachelorette parties provide the perfect opportunity for you to get out and experience new things. You and your guests can enjoy the nice breeze, beautiful water, and numerous boats. Two of the boats can fit up to 12 people on them, and the ship can fit up to six people. Let us know what you desire, and we will provide bachelor party fishing for you.

Corporate and Team-Building Events

fishing charters are an excellent opportunity for unique team-building activities and corporate functions. For example, you might bring your colleagues on such a trip to get away from civilization and discuss sales tactics, growth strategies, and other operational details.

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Family Get-Aways

A fishing expedition may be a great experience for your family if none of you has ever fished. Therefore, you might consider booking with us for that reason as well. We will be delighted to accompany and accommodate you and your friends and family as you take this incredible life journey. Your children and friends can learn to fish and share stories with other people for years to come.

Learning Expedition

You can also choose to book one of our trips so that your friends can learn how to fish. That’s why we employ experienced and knowledgeable captains and instructors who can help you with all aspects of your adventure. They can get you up to speed on your fishing activities even if you have never done it a day in your life.

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You have every reason in the world to book a fishing charter trip with us. Reach out so that we can discuss the options we have and the type of fishing adventure you and your guests need.

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